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    Business and Executive Officers

    Executive Officers seeking for more efficiency, productivity with good results and gain time by being connected with their company in Brazil, America-Net Mobile introduces the SIM card that offers two numbers in one single chip: one landline number from Brazil and a cell phone number in the United States.

    Calls done to the landline Brazilian number will be automatically linked to the cell phone in the United States. The pricing will be of a landline for those who call and no roaming charges to those who receive the calls. Using the landline number you can make unlimited calls to any landline number in Brazil.

    The American cell phone number allows the user to make standard international calls, respecting the American international dialing code, or even make and receive calls to/from any America-Net Mobile number, either fixed landline or cell phone. The SIM card also offers unlimited high speed internet access to stay connected to e-mails or social networks.