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    The America Net Mobile SIM Card has two different numbers: a Brazilian conventional landline phone number and an American cell phone number. Through its Brazilian conventional landline number, you will be able to receive calls from all over Brazil with no extra charging rates of international displacement (roaming).


    Two phone numbers in one single SIM card: A conventional landline with a Brazilian fixed number and an American cellular one.

    Unlimited calls from Brazil to your landline phone number with no additional charges of roaming.

    Calls to landline numbers in Brazil without paying pricey international rates.

    Right to make and receive calls throughout the American territory using your mobile phone.

    Internet Access through 3G and 4G networks.

    Support in Portuguese.

    More information about the product:

    It enables the interconnection between Brazil and the United States through calls to the Brazilian landline number and will be automatically hooked up to the cell phone in the United States, with pricing of a local landline call for those who make the call. You can also make calls to Brazil. To do this while in the United States, the user will make a standard international call, respecting the American international dialing code. For example: if the phone number that you want to call in Brazil is (11) 3500-1033, you will need to dial + 55 11 3500-1033, where:

    • + is the code for international calls;
    • 55 is the country code for Brazil;
    • 11 is the area code;
    • 3500-1033 is the phone number.

    The America-Net Mobile SIM card also allows making and receiving unlimited calls in the U.S. to landline numbers and cell phones. In addition you will have the access to a high speed internet connection, regardless of the state or city that you are in The United States.

    To receive calls on the Brazilian landline number or on the American cell phone between Brazil and the United States, the user will not pay the high rates of international calls of roaming.

    See how simple it is:

    You can use the America Net SIM Card on unlocked GSM cell phone. It takes only three steps:

    Purchase SIM Card Mobile Net America through our website or at one of our points of sales; When arriving in the United States, you need to remove your current SIM card from the device and insert the new America Net Mobile SIM Card; You are ready! Start making, receiving calls and surf the web using your new SIM Card America Net Mobile.